Grasshopper plugin


Main features

  • Layout optimization of truss/frame structures

  • Rationalization via geometry optimization

  • Automatic layout simplification methods

  • Post-processing steps to produce practical designs

  • Multiple load cases

     Much more to come...

The Grasshopper plugin is still under development, please contact us if you encounter any problems.

Acknowledgements: many thanks to personnel at Arup for providing invaluable feedback and suggestions on the plugin.


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This plugin is being developed by the Universities of Sheffield, Bath & Edinburgh as part of the EPSRC funded research project "Computational Design Optimization of Large-Scale Building Structures: Methods, Benchmarking & Applications" (ref. EP/N023471/1, EP/N019652/1, EP/N023269/1). The current version of the plugin contains components developed by LimitState Ltd and MOSEK ApS and (i) is licensed for research and development purposes only*; (ii) must not be distributed to third party organisations. *Use of the plugin for paid-for project work is also possible but requires prior permission - please send requests to: